Don’t want strings attached:

seriously, I was fed up with girls and their needy texts, phone calls and nonstop needing attention. Why not just go on a date and that is it, no other drama after it.

Wife is sick:

My wife, whom is very special to me, been married 48 yrs has been diagnosed with dementia. I visit her everyday and have done so for two years- but I long for the warmth and comfort of a lady friend, just someone to talk to. Dial a date has helped me immensely to cope with seeing my wife fade away.


After my wife passed on, I have felt guilty thinking about getting into a relationship, as I still love my wife and will always do so. I just wanted to have some company for dinner and a show but nothing more than just a date. Dial a date was just perfect for me!

Social outing:

My cousin was coming from overseas with his new girlfriend and I felt it would be good to go on a picnic down at the beach or a winery as a foursome. Dial a date was a fantastic option for me as I’m too busy running my own cafe to be having time for a real girlfriend.

Business function:

I was so nervous of showing up to the annual Christmas function at the Westin hotel without a partner, after all I had boasted to my workmates I had all these lady friends which I clearly didn’t have. I called dial a date and explained my predicament, the lovely consultant organised a really cool date for me, we met an hour before the function to get our story together and then off we went, my mates were none the wiser, thinking my girlfriend and I had been dating for over six months.

Business man- doesn’t want to cheat:

I travel up to 240 days a year and boy its gets lonely in those big hotels. Glitzy restaurants are very boring with no company and I dislike using escorts in melbourne services. I just find it tacky.
How nice it is that I can have the company of a discreet date with a lovely, intelligent lady of my own age (I’m in my 50s). My wife is very comfortable with this arrangement as she knows it’s just for dinner and to have some company nothing more.

Shy and never had a date:

I’m 27, never been on a date not that I’m ugly, it just that I’m so shy, so I thought it would be great if I could do a practise date and learn how to date a girl and how I should ask a girl to go on a date without looking sleazy. Now after calling dial a date, Justine helped me with all I need to get any girl now. Thank you dial a date.

Tradie- to impress mates:

My mate Anth put me up to the challenge. We had been on some of those speed dating things and had met some okay girls and many horrors too. But it never goes anywhere, so Anth said let’s try dial a date and get some real girls to hang out with. We can go to crown and the guys won’t believe the class of ass we have on our arm. Man those chicks rocked and you know what? We had the best time and no stupid text or emails nagging me after woods.